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  "Preserving your trophy is more than just a wall decoration, it is a symbol of who you are and the skills you have."  



Wasatch Ridge Taxidermy is where your hunting memories come back to life. We offer many options when it comes to preserving your recent trophy animal. You could do a shoulder mount, European mount, or even a full-body mount. For more detailed information please click on our Taxidermy link above.

Over the years we have come to find out that many hunters are not familiar with what to do when they have taken an animal that is big enough to preserve. This is why we have created the Field Guide section. Here you can read and learn about how to properly cut, clean, and transport your game. If you're going out hunting we would highly encourage you to give the feild guide section a quick look through, for a quick refresher. You might even find a new technique to help you quickly clean your game.

Visit our Gallery to see some of our artists work and some beautiful animals that have been taken here in Utah and around the World. We also have links to learn about our company and it's artists. Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy looking around Wasatch Ridge Taxidermy. We look forward to using our creative talents to bring your memories of your trophy hunt back to life and into your home.    



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